Thanksgiving 2010 - Good Bye and God Bless

  • Nov, 30 , 10

Well, Thanksgiving 2010 was a crazy one. I started it out in the ER. Yes, you read that right. I was having a horrible pain in my stomach and couldn't quit throwing up. They sent me home, telling me that I must have an ulcer. We went to Matt's family Thanksgiving/Christmas party. I ate a little bit...only the things that were on the list of foods I could eat. But when we got home, I threw up again and the pain came back, only worse. Matt ended up taking me back to the ER where they gave me fluids and meds, an xray, and a CT scan. Turns out, I had an inflamed small intestine. They think it was triggered from all the throwing up, that was probably triggered from some sort of flu to begin with.

{{ The title of this post is a little inside joke in our family. There was this lady who went to our church. Her name was Aunt Alice. I'm pretty sure "Aunt" wasn't her first name. And I'm pretty sure she had a last name, but I can't think of it! I never called her anything but Aunt Alice (she wasn't my aunt either). Well, one day I was in a car with her and there was a car in front of us going really slow. As soon as they turned, she hollered "Good bye and God bless!" Now we use that phrase all the time:) }}

Now I am doing better, but I do have to have a gallbladder sonogram sometime. What a disappointing Thanksgiving! But my sisters were both back from Iowa and South Carolina. I didn't get to eat my mom's stuffing, but I got to see my nephews!

slone and sam
Slone's driving, Sam's hanging on for dear life:)

Dad got the little fourwheeler running this year. He bought it for me and Charity when we were about 4 and 6. That's an old fourwheeler:) The boys loved it.

dad and bo
Bo was determined not to be left out. But Pa did a lot of pushing the gator around

hunter noah
Noah the deer hunter

miss calliegh
Pretty Miss Calliegh

laura n taylor
Laura and Taylor

my beautiful mother

mom dad and the kids
Charity, me, Jake, Lyn, Laura with Dad and Mom.    

I am quite thankful, that even with all the drama, I did still get to see my family. I did get to sit with them for a Thanksgiving feast. I did get to laugh with them, play with them, hug them, and just be with them. So thankful.


Mr Lonely

Nov 30 ,2010

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Nov 30 ,2010

I love this post. Stinks that you and the ER had to be such close companions over the holiday.

I am thankful that I have you for a sister in law!!