time for coffee and comments

  • Feb, 25 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com

coffee cozy

That's a coffee cozy. Ya like? Would you buy one from me if I made them? I got that mug at Border's this winter and it's easily one of my favorite mugs...mostly because of the lid. It keeps my coffee warm for a long time. But there's no handle and that cup gets hot. So problem solved.

But posts about coffee are boring, soooo......

I just wanted to let you all know that I've enjoyed getting to know some of you newbies around here! I've had quite a few new comments on the blog and some fun getting to talk to some new ones on facebook too.

If you have never clicked on any of the girls on my sidebar, you should!
They are over there! 

I love reading about Jamie:) She is funny hilarious and she has a great story to tell of forgiveness.

Kinze is my sister in law. She's a huge supporter of me:) which obviously helps the friend situation out! Just KIDDING! There would be a big hole in my life without this girl. She recently started blogging more "real life".

This is Emily. She's a momma of four and they are adopting! She's kinda crafty and has a fun blog too!

Do you know how to leave a comment here? Down there, below the "heart, Heather", it says there's "(however many) comments". Click it and leave yours. I live for comments:) Well, not really but Jamie wrote a really good post on how we need to be encouraging of each other and that's one way to show it!

Well, I've drank two cups now! I gotta get ready for the day...it's 9am already!



Feb 25 ,2011

wow am i feeling the love :) i think the cozy is super cute … even if mine had a handle i would still like one just to make my mug look cuter! your so stinkin’ creative heather! and i love feeling the LOVE of comments! have a wonderful day and keep the pots coming!


Feb 25 ,2011

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