date nite with the boys

  • Feb, 21 , 11

Friday was a good day. Matt decided to go to the farm show in another state that morning. He left by six. Bo and I put Slone on the bus by 7:15. Then we played and got ready for speech. This is what I wore...


I had Bo screened for preschool and they said he might need some help with speech. He can't say his {s} sound. He's just being evaluated now. We have a meeting this week to see if he needs to go for lessons this year. He wants his hair "pikie up" for speech:) (remember he can't say his s's)


Since Matt was gone, the boys and I had a date nite! We went to see Gnomeo and Juliet. It was cute. A lot of kissing for my boys. Bo was ready to go by the middle of it. But he's not really one for movies or tv...too short of an attention span:)

date nite

Then we hit up Steak and Shake and Borders. It was a pretty fun evening! What'd you do this weekend?



Feb 21 ,2011

Love it! You look so cute. The boys loved having a date night with you, I bet. (even in there was too much kissing!!)


Feb 21 ,2011

i wanna see that movie … thinkin’ it might just be a movie for me and ry man since the girlies have that short attention span as well! and yay for speech … how did he do?!