• Feb, 04 , 11

comes to those who seek it.

I saw this poster on etsy. (click creativity to go to the shop)

Creativity Art Poster Print // Colors of the Rainbow // 8.5x11

And I loved it. But I knew I could do something like that myself. And this country kitchen sign in my kitchen came to mind. I had previous ideas of painting over it but had never found the right inspiration.


First I just painted over it with some latex wall paint that I had left over from before. Then I cut out some colored paper and decoupaged it across the canvas.


Then to measure out my spacing for the rest of the words, I stamped them on a scrap sheet of paper. I really liked the way they laid out and decided to do a pencil transfer on to the canvas instead of trying to freehand it.

To do a pencil transfer, you need to trace the outline of the letters on the back of the paper with a pencil. Then place you marked paper on the canvas with pencil marks facing down. Then I used my fingernail to press down to get the pencil to come off on the canvas. That way I just used my sharpie to fill all the letters in.


So what do you think? I personally think it looks really cool over our art/school board. Both boys noticed it right away and wanted to know what it said. I hope they end up wanting to be creative.




This is our urban farmhouse.

Feb 04 ,2011

Your sign looks AWESOME! Good work!

Melissa H.

Feb 04 ,2011

I love this! Need tonreacreate one of my own for my craft room/playroom.