groundhog's day

  • Feb, 02 , 11

My little groundhog turned 4 years old today! It seems like Bo was just born. It was bitterly cold the year he was born. I remember the nurse helping me out of the hospital with him, then she felt sorry for me because Matt came and picked me up in the truck. (If you know my husband, he doesn't drive little trucks.) And I had had a c-section with Bo. It was a high step and a bumpy ride home.

This year, it started snowing on February 1st. And it didn't stop. They say we got 15 inches. Plus the wind was around 40-50 mph. That equals a lot of drifts and a husband that has some fun playing snow-plower. (He's still not home.)

bo snow

We went out and played for awhile today. It was actually a lot of fun. One of the drifts in our yard came up to my hips!

blizzard 2011

We even had to go out the front door, because the back door was drifted shut! Here is Slone trying to dig out the buried shovel and Bo is laying on a drift that's level with our third step:)

blizzard 2011

Oh well, tomorrow is another snow day...the third snow day in a row. I haven't been anywhere since Monday. I went to Walmart. Almost got cussed out by a man because I ran over his foot. When people are driving their carts three lanes wide down an aisle, do not get down on your knee when I am behind you! I promise I thought I was past him!

Happy snow daze!



Feb 02 ,2011

haha … what were you doing at walmart during a blizzard anyways?! oh yeah your drive and excursion! Happy Birthday Bo!


Feb 02 ,2011

We love you, Turd-bo!! Hope he had a wonderful birthday. Love the snow pix. And good thing you have a couple of strong “men” to dig you out!!