new curtains

  • Jan, 27 , 11

Let's see. I painted my living room way back in October. I bought the curtains way back then too. I also bought the fabric to finish them off then too.


Oh well, life goes on.

I found the fabric at Joann's. It's Robert Allen. I really wanted full length panels of that material but it was way out of my budget...even with my coupon.

So I settled for Bed Bath and Beyond's plain old white panels and sewed up the bottom with my navy fabric. I'm really lovin the look and price.

Here's the before:

Don't laugh, they are short this way, I know. But they hung like that for about 3 months.

And now the after:

IMG_1925 copy

I also had enough fabric to cover my pillow for the bed bench. I'm still going to make some more pillows out of some Denyse Schmidt fabric that I've been hoarding. Just an fyi, pillow forms are half off at Joann's til Saturday too! Pics of those to follow soon!



Jan 27 ,2011

okay those are cute! i actually like the white on top cuz it gives them a soft look! can’t wait for you to do some curtains for me! or maybe i will tackle it by myself … oooor maybe not! hehe!