valentine decor

  • Jan, 25 , 11

Let me just say that I'm not really one to decorate for Valentine's day. I'm really not that interested in putting it all up after Christmas just to take it all back down in a couple of weeks. And let's face it, I live in a boy house and boys don't care about hearts and kisses and decor!

I was thinking I needed something on this salvaged window that I have hanging in my living room. I had a wreath on it during Christmas...loved that. But I was really diggin' Craftaholics Anonymous' tutorial on her tshirt balls! You need to go look at them. I was going to post the picture here but her's look WAY better than mine:) Believe me, follow her tutorial word for word, no matter if you think you can do it better.

tshirt balls...closeup

I decided that I didn't need two of the cut outs like she posted. It would've been easier if I had. I couldn't find where she stated how big to cut out the cardboard either. I'm thinking that must have made a difference, because my shirts didn't have enough strips to run around them three times.

I let Bo "help" me. Actually, I gave him a pair of scissors and let him cut up the part of the tshirt that I wasn't going to use. He really worked hard at it. It was actually pretty fun for him to "work" right next to me.

workin' craftin'

yep, I gave him scissors

tshirt balls

But my window was still looking pretty bare. And I did not want to buy anything to put on it. So I went digging. I had found these paper doily hearts at Target in the dollar bins a week or two ago. And I still had some red and white baker's twine from Christmas. First, I just free-handed the "love" on the hearts, then I strung them up on the twine. A little bit of gift tape on each side, and I'm calling it good.

love banner

final result

I actually really like it. Check out Bo sporting the rest of my old purple tshirt (the part i didn't cut up:) Now I gotta figure out what Slone is going to take for his school valentines.



Jan 25 ,2011

So cute! And what an adorable helper!