a little anthropologie redo

  • Jan, 12 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com

I love Anthropologie. It is one of my favorite stores. Of course, I can't really afford anything there until it goes in the clearance rack, but it's still eye candy for me. I did score some really cute wedges last year when summer was almost over.

What started this little makeover was, I need more bedroom space. I do not have a closet in my bedroom. And it is only large enough to fit my bed and one dresser plus my little vanity dresser. I have to move all my summer clothes out every winter and put them into storage. Plus I don't have enough dresser space for my sweaters either.

But right outside my bedroom door is a little nook area that leads to my room, the bathroom, and the basement door (that we don't use anymore). It would be a hallway if it were a bigger house. Anyway, I had had a little side table there but decided I could fit something better there. I cannot remember where this dresser came from. I think Gpa Windish got it for me at an auction. But the paint was beat up on it when I got it, so I decided to paint the stripes on it. I found the star knobs at ikea probably 4 years ago. It when great in the boys' cowboy room.


But the boys don't really use it, and it fit perfectly in that little spot. But it was way to boyish, americana, childish to be seen from my living room. So I went to Home Depot in search of some paint. But I really did not want to repaint the whole thing. I found their little paint samples and the navy blue one happened to match up pretty well, by accident of course.

more knob

I decided to just paint a little scallop on each side of each stripe. It gave it a little bit of a romantic feel. I found the knobs at Pier One.

knob view


I'm really happy with the results. I also painted the mirror in the pic. But the material on it started warping and peeling when it got wet with the paint. Not all of my ideas work out just like I think they should. I found the little lamp at ikea this last weekend. Which reminds me...if you don't have an old dresser to redo, just do what my little sister does. Invite me to go to ikea with you to help you lift all the heavy stuff;)

charity ikea
That is just her cart, people.

We had a blast! Mom went too.


So whaddaya think? I'm pretty happy with it. I think it has little "anthro" flair. It's already full. Now where else can I stick a dresser? hmm....



Jan 12 ,2011

great job! i love the scallops :)


Jan 12 ,2011

They look fab!!!