family bike rides

  • May, 16 , 11

How I hope this becomes a tradition! We live on a country road that doesn't really get a ton of traffic. Slone was begging the other day to go for a bike ride on the road...obviously, he can't go by himself. So on Mother's day, we all went. I started off riding Slone's little bike but my knees hit the handle bars, so I walked the rest of the way.

We ended up down the road at Matt's friend Mike's new house. He's redoing the whole house! That stuff just gets me excited! I walked in and could see myself living there. Of course, I would do that if I walked into your house;) Anyway, we were getting ready to head back home and Mike asked me where my bike was. I said I didn't have one so he let me "borrow" his. I'm not really sure he'll ever come back to get it. He likes bikes with motors;)

We have been taking family rides every night since! The only problem is Bo won't ride the little one on the road so we resort to this...

Not the safest, but Bo laughs a lot:)


See, Matt really does ride a bike;)


Oh, and the pics are taken on my new iphone {swoon}. I love my new phone! the app is called hipstamatic if any of you were caring. It's way more fun than just the old camera on the phone!



May 16 ,2011

so cute … can’t wait til’ all my kiddos can ride a bike!


May 16 ,2011

Great pictures, seems like a good time every night! : )