shop update!!

  • May, 13 , 11

Finally! After lots of drama from blogger, they were evidently down for almost 3 days, I've got new stuff in the shop! I've also been on a field trip to the zoo with a bunch of kindergartners and had a moreygirl party!

It was a terrific party! Thanks, Gretchen {waves}! I didn't take my camera that night though! I should have. Her dining room was transformed into a little moreygirl shop:) I had made some new hipster bags especially for the party and all but two sold! Happily, one of the ones left was the one I wanted! And when Laura came home to visit, she bought the other one (gotta love sisters;). I need to get busy again making more!

Here are some shots of the bags:)

IMG_2427 copy

IMG_2424 copy

IMG_2417 copy

Happy Friday!