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Shop Update and Introducing...

Posted on May 02 2011

my little sister, Charity, has been busy! Knitting up some baby booties to add to the moreygirl line! Don't worry though, she's a moreygirl too so it's all good:)

organic booties

Aren't they the most adorable little booties ever?! Almost makes me want another baby! and a girl baby at that!

pink booties

These little beauties are going to be at Gretchen's moreygirl show this week. If they are not sold, I will be listing them in the shop.

cream booties

The moreygirl shop will be updated on TUESDAY, MAY 12! Everything that I have will be ready to ship on that date! There will also be some items that you could those adorable booties!


More info on the moreygirl parties coming soon!


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