• Apr, 28 , 11

I am slowly getting my kitchen more organized. I love organization and I'm pretty good at getting it organized, just not keeping it that way. There are tons of books and magazines out there that tell you it's easier to keep fewer things organized than a whole bunch of crap organized.

Not all of this is crap, but a lot of it I don't even use...if I ever used it. There were some dishes from my wedding, a broken yellow striped plate that I didn't want to part with, and a lot of pitchers that I have never used. Oh, and two sets of ceramic mixing bowls that I never use....because I have two other sets!

before -

IMG_2294 copy

Before and after...I have more room than I thought!

If you need some tips on organizing, you seriously need to look at this blog:
I Heart Organizing

She has some great decorating ideas too!

On another note...I've been working like crazy getting moreygirl bags and accessories ready for Gretchen's moreygirl party. Oh, you didn't know that you could even have a party?! Well, more on that in the next post!



Apr 28 ,2011

Way to go!!