i almost died

  • Mar, 11 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com

when I opened this package! My mom can vouch for me, I was on the phone with her. Remember, I obviously have an obsession with flickr swaps. Just search for flickr swaps over in the sidebar. But this one was one that I really wanted to be a part of. It was the {Urban Home Goods} swap!

what i got

Look what was in it!

what i got

Did this girl nail what I like or what!? LOVE this pillow so much! And it looks fabulous on my chair!

what i got

Funny though, this beautiful pillow came from the south from a girl named Heather:) I used to hate my name, because of it's popularity. I blame it on my little sister having such a unique and memorable name. People would say "Charity, what a beautiful name!" Then turn to me and say, "What was your name again?" Thanks:P

But I love that her name is Heather! And by the way, Heather if you are reading this, comment so I can look at your flickr stuff and I hope you have a blog! I loved the note you sent along too!

what i got

She also sent along two fabulous notebook/journals, that will be permanently in my bag. I also got a few other fun goodies but I don't want you all to get too jealous. I seriously ended up with a great partner!

what i got

I have also be checking out a new website. It's called Pinterest. It's an online photo album that lets you "pin" your favorite "interests" (pics) in folders for you and it saves the links to them too! Ah! My dream come true! If you want to join, you have to be invited. So email me your email and I can do it, or you can just request it on the site. But it does take a few days on there.

While I was looking, I've been listening to her! enjoy!

I hope you have a terrific weekend!



Mar 11 ,2011

p.s. love that song!


Mar 11 ,2011

Southern Heather, here! So glad that you like it, Yankee Heather! (ha! I used to live in IL-twice, actually…) I left you a comment over on flickr (I am June Vintage) and my blog is over here: http://junevintage.squarespace.com/. SO happy you like it :)