Whoa Nellie Crafts!

  • Mar, 02 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com

I am so excited about Whoa Nellie Crafts!

So here's the scoop...I really love teaching and sharing my craft/art projects with my MOPS group. And I really love the fellowship you get with a group of friends coming together. I have been stewing over having a craft class for quite awhile. And now, with lots of encouragement from my sisters, mom, and sisters-in-law, I've decided it's time to go for it.

I believe that we have an extremely creative God who gave us tons of great materials to work with. And maybe, just maybe, if we learn a new craft, He could use that to make us closer to Him while becoming closer with the ones we are working with. Whoa Nellie Crafts is a way to get a group of girls together for a night out while learning something new together.

I'm happy to announce that the very first Whoa Nellie Crafts Class will be held at the Rhythm Kitchen in Peoria, on March 22 at 7pm. We will be making the Yours Truly Necklace!


Go to Whoa Nellie and reserve your spot today!

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More classes are going to be added to the mix this week, so check out the Whoa Nellie website, join the facebook page, and sign up for the newsletter. That way you'll be notified as soon as everything comes out!



Mar 02 ,2011

This is such a great idea! The necklace is adorable. I don’t know how you do so much with the two kiddos. I just had my third in October and I don’t think I’ve picked up any crafting material since then!