Life's a beach

  • Aug, 02 , 11

At least, it should be... We had a terrific time! The boys thought the ocean was the best thing ever. I do too, by the way. I would so live there if Matt would. He hates water of all kind. I'm no fish, but I can catch me some pretty good rays.

My whole family went, except my brother and my husband. We were just having such a great time, I didn't really have time to miss him. He had to work, and since he hates water anyway, we went without him.

But I so wish he was in this picture:


The boys also had the best time because all their cousins where there! They are always asking if Jack and Sam can come over and spend the night:)



This one is has the boys all in it...even if he didn't want to be (Bo) and even when he did (Jonah).


Mom and Dad and their girls...wish Jake was there.

6001356691_42698b83ab_o copy

and the grandkids minus Calliegh.

6001905888_04d82bfef1_o copy

i love how Dad is looking at Mom. The wind was something that night too. Aren't I glamorous?

6001910864_b78a66daaf_o copy

These pics were all taken by my talented sister Laura. She's probably the most amazing person I know. Slow, but amazing;) You know I gotta tease you, Laura! She seriously needs to write a book, you know, in her spare time:) Love you, Laura! Isn't she beautiful?

5999669049_f61c858b8d_o copy

All in all, a great time with family! And now I'll leave you with my favorite shot:)



Brenda Bender

Aug 02 ,2011

Your family is amazing. Mr. Matt does not realize how a child’s first sight of the ocean can totally take a parent’s breath away! Perhaps he will change his mind and ride the waves w/you and the boys in the future for a memorable moment!!


Aug 02 ,2011

Aww…you have a beautiful family!