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  • Jul, 21 , 11

How do you know if something is blog worthy? I surely can't tell half of the time. Oh, I know I like to write the tutorials and recipes and picture taking.  But how much of me, telling you, about how cute my boys are, can you take before you tune out? How many times can I tell you "we went swimming today" before you hate me? My sister has a pool, by the way, that's the only way to go if you need some cheap fun for the summer...have your sister get a pool!


It's been really hot here for the last week. And when we haven't been swimming, we've been slackin' in the house. I've been making these while we watch the Spectacular Spiderman for the umpteenth time...

Crochet goodies
crochet flowers about 3.5 inches wide

I'm going to offer them at all the shows I'm doing this fall! I've been making them in some fun fall colors. You can pin them on your blouse, purse, headband, scarf, where ever. How about on your new check book cover?;)

Checkbook covers

I've got a few of these made up and they will be for sale shortly too! I love them!

I'm really excited to share all of this with you guys, but I think I'm going to enjoy the last few weeks of my summer vacation! Both boys will be in school this year and I'm counting down the hours until I get a whole morning or afternoon to myself! (I don't know which until we find out which preschool class Bo is in)

I'll still be posting, just not every day like in the winter. Maybe once a week. I hope you are having a fabulous summer too!


Rachel @ Pleased as Punch

Jul 21 ,2011

Hi Heather! I couldn’t email you…sorry to hijack your comment section, but I just had to say hi! I found your blog (I think you left a comment on mine) and I read a little…wow! Guess what, I have been doing the creative activities for my MOPS group too! I really love your blog. Email me!