a closet redo

I cleaned out the closet in my office. It was packed full of trucking papers, mops crafts that I never put away, photography stuff, and bunches of craft books. It was so bad the bulky sliding doors that were on it wouldn't lay flat, they were literally bulging at the seams. I should have taken a "before" picture. But it would've been so embarrassing to show you. So you only get the afters:)

The boys really needed a place to do their "homework". The table and chairs were sitting out in the office. They really can't keep their stuff together, so it was always a big mess. I thought putting it in the closet and be able to hide it, might make the office seem cleaner.

IMG_2754 copy

The top shelf are all of my craft and sewing reference books. The shelf is sagging. Tell me, have you ever seen a shelf of books not sag eventually? I had the other white shelves in the closet, not hanging up. So I put them up in there. The filing cabinets hold all the trucking stuff I need, so do the scrapbooking shelves on top of them.

IMG_2760 copy

The boys got the calendar for Christmas and it was taped to my wall before. Now they have a place for all their Lego, Nat Geo, and Zoobook magazines. Their stencils, coloring books and drawing books are in the wooden organizer on the desk. That lamp I already had too. It just accidentally and happily fit perfectly in that spot.

IMG_2756 copy

I saw on Meg's Whatever blog, that she keeps her kids crayons and markers in one of those cool glass jars. I have one but I was worried about Bo and the glass lid. Can you imagine? {shudder} I don't want to. But I did have a large plastic jar of cheese balls from Sam's. I washed it out and now we have lots of room for our art supplies!

IMG_2759 copy

Slone took it upon himself to do a little of his own decorating. He got all of these cards from VBS. Both the boys loved VBS. The pandas were a big hit.

IMG_2757 copy

This is the office supply shelf. These are Mommie's, not for kids, hence the flower pot of sharpies. The w is from Target (surprise:), maybe 4 years ago.

IMG_2758 copy

A little work in progress. 

IMG_2761 copy

I did go to Target and bought this shower curtain to hide everything. The doors limited the space. The curtain was the only thing I bought new for the project! So quite a transformation for a little elbow grease and $20.




well done … i love it … and i bet the boys do to .. kinda like their own personal office!


I’m jealous. Come organize my little office space, please!

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