• Jun, 23 , 11

Let me just tell you this, I have never been a runner. Nope. Boring. Too much work. Too much sweat. My face turns really red. I can't breathe. No thanks.

That is until my shorts were too tight on Memorial day. Enough is enough. I had definitely had enough food. And my previous post was about easy burritos...see my problem?!

So the next morning I got up and ran. Well, not so much running as walking but at least I got up. But I was armed with my little nike+. It works with an ipod or your iphone. I love little techie stuff and this thing measures your speed, distance and average min/mile. I had bought it last year thinking running was my thing and used it once:) oh brother.  I have been getting up and running at least 4 times a week since.

I still don't jump up in the morning ready to run. My brain still screams all those thoughts up there to me while I'm running. But I really do like running in the morning before 7. There is nobody on our road and it's still cool. Plus I don't listen to music, I can't keep the stinking ear buds in my ears so I just run.

I haven't seen a ton of physical results yet but they'll come. The shorts are more comfortable now. But nothing beats that feeling after a run, because I feel like this:

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

And I'm buying this print for myself. You can personalize it to say your own name. I think I deserve it:)



Jun 23 ,2011

woohoo .. love this post! keep it up girl!


Jun 23 ,2011

Love it…you are the cutest runner ever!