the start....of a cool quilt

  • May, 31 , 11

well, I have finally started my quilt. It began with my flickr group "Sew Fun 2". I've told you about these flickr groups before. My month was last year sometime, like september? I can't remember.

I had the girls of the group match 9 patch squares out of some awesome material that I ordered from FabricWorm. It's an awesome shop because they put fabric together in bundles for you. And they are not bundles of all the same line, they are all mixed up.

quilt grey and colors

I got 26 blocks back, which is really awesome considering there are 12 girls sending them back to me.

I had some light grey fabric and I had Maggie cut it up for me (more on that later). Then I drew a line diagonally down the squares. I sewed down each side of the line, and then cut in between the stitches, coming out with one side patchwork, one side grey.

Then I pieced them together using the technique in Denyse Schmidt's book to make a zigzag or chevron pattern!

sew fun 2 quilt started

The blocks don't exactly match up - every girl in the group had their own way of putting them together. But I think it's gonna be really cool.

I'm going to make it square, I think. And use it for picnics and things like that.

I'll be posting more pics of my progress as I go!

quilt chevron


Lindsay Conner

May 31 ,2011

Just found your blog through Flickr, and I love this!