the bedroom

  • May, 25 , 11

I spent most of yesterday in my bedroom. You see, I have NO closets in my room at all. None, nada. Where can I put my clothes?! I have to switch them around with every season, putting off season ones in storage. It makes a girl's life rough.

Other than the size of my room, I really do like it. It faces the east and north. And it's nice to wake up in the summer time.

side one bedroom

Almost everything in there is from Target. I know, I just can't help it though! The curtains are shower curtains that I cut in half. The coverlet is from a year or two ago. The turquoise polka dot sheets were on the clearance rack. I can usually find some really cute bedding in the clearance at Target. I got the crochet afghan at an auction about 7 years ago. Yellow pillow is Target too.

ok, ready for the scary side?

side two

Matt's grandpa got me the big dresser at an auction for $5. I love this dresser so much. It's drawers are really deep and I can fit lots of clothes in it. The little white vanity was my aunt's. When we lived with my grandparents while mom and dad were fixing up our house (I was 12ish), I used this vanity. Aunt Ruthie let me have it after my grandparents passed away. It's not really conducive for storage though! Hence the tubs under it.


I store all my necklaces and earrings on this chicken wire holder thingys. They are actually supposed to be notecard holders and you are supposed to use clothes line clips to attach your notes or pics. But the little handles work great for hanging up my jewelry and belts.

grandma and grandpa

This is a wedding picture of my grandparents. They are my mom's parents. Fred and Susie. Love the curl on her forehead.

sketch of matt and me

This was the first present I ever gave Matt. I drew it out of complete desperation, having no idea what to get him. Matt is not the easiest person to buy for. I sketched it off of one of the first pictures I had of us. It's only about 5x5 inches. I love it though.

side one bedroom

Hope you enjoyed the little tour!



May 25 ,2011

Your room looks great! Love the necklace holder! : )


May 25 ,2011

Oh, and I love your sketch!