some encouragement for the day:)

  • May, 20 , 11

Kinze said I need to write a post about encouragement. I guess she was really encouraging me. So this one is for her:

Source: None via Miriam on Pinterest

Think about that one...Sometimes it really does feel like I've been born with a spirit of fear and timidity. It's funny how the older I get, the braver I get.  It's also the theme verse for next year's MOPS meetings. If you have never come to our meetings, I'm inviting you now. And I'm going to keep inviting you. How's that for being brave?

I hope that I can install this into my boys. But for right now I'm glad they are still little. Here's what Slone brought home in his school bag yesterday. My favorite quote of the day :)

slone dinos

I love this:) Looks like we need to work on spelling his middle name though!



May 20 ,2011

Love it! Great post. I LOVE SLONE’S WORK! He sure is one smart little dude. You should name the blue dino “Fear and Timidity” and the orange dino should be called “faith in God.”



May 20 ,2011

great post … love 2timothy 1:7 … i need to remind myself of this daily … even in the small things!