the field trip

  • May, 18 , 11

This field trip was not what I wanted to do last Thursday. That is until my friend, Evie invited me to ride along with her to the zoo (and a couple of other moms). Then Slone had a breakdown and said I was the only mom not going. So like a good mom, I signed up after the sign ups had been closed. It all worked out though.


He was right though, there weren't very many parents that didn't go. I don't really get that at all. I do not remember my mom, and NEVER my dad going anywhere with the class for a field trip. Now my parents were at all my games, graduations, recitals, and Christmas programs, but never a field trip.


I had imagined all of us following the teacher around like baby ducks to the mama duck, but they just turned us loose in the zoo.


We spent most of the day with Morgan, Slone's friend that sits at his table at school. We walked with him and his mom and dad.


Slone loves animals and I wouldn't be surprised if he grows up to do something with them. Did you know that the only mammals to lay eggs are platypus and anteaters??  That's the kind of talks we have after school:)


His beloved goats....about a year ago he got it in his head he wants to be a goat farmer. Still does. He's a farmer not but not a goat one. You'll have to read later this week to see what we got!


He thought this was the coolest merry-go-round. Actually, it was pretty cool.


Kindergarten Field Trip 2011 with Slone :)



May 18 ,2011

Super cute! Lexi and I loved the pics…especially the one of Slone standing behind the monkey cutout! Too funny!