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moreygirl monday

Posted on August 29 2011

Good morning! Did you have a happy weekend? I did. I worked on a few things around here and revamped the blog. What do you think of that?

I did it all myself. I took the pics on a timer and ran back and forth the whole time. It was probably pretty funny if you could've seen me. The whole thing was pretty glamorous, especially since our pigs are on the other side of that shed:)

So if you want to put a moreygirl button on your blog, here's the link for all of them:)

I also made up this little zippie pouch this weekend...

IMG_3581 copy

It's in the shop this morning!

And Big News!!

I'm busy working on Whoa Nellie Crafts again! I'm going to be posting all of my tutorials over there. And I'll be setting up some classes again soon! But for today there is a tutorial on this very zippie pouch! Just in case you wanted to make your own!

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  • hannah singer: August 30, 2011

    adoring your blog! and that pouch is delightful!
    yep, you’ll be seeing a lot of me around here;)

  • Megan: August 29, 2011

    First time visiting your blog, but I love the look. Love your wristlet as well. Stopping by via life made lovely :-)
    Megan @

  • Krissa: August 29, 2011

    Hi…saw you on Life Made Lovely Monday and the name of your blog caught my eye because my maiden name is Morey! I’m guessing it’s your last name? Anyway, cute blog…can’t wait to look around more. Stop by and see me at

  • Heather from August 29, 2011

    Oh wow Girly! I love your new look on here! I want it..jk.
    And I love your banner made up of Moreygirl too. Just so so it.

  • Amy: August 29, 2011

    I just found your blog today, so I don’t know what it looked like before, but it sure it cute now!

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