The more I do these the more I realize I'm not quite as fashion forward as I thought I was:) Fall and winter make for cuter outfits I think. I'm not into the whole layering thing, especially when it's hot out. But I do love me some cute dresses.

IMG_3400 copy

It's from Target and I wore it to church on Sunday. I wouldn't wear this dress this spring because I thought it made me look fat. I'm thinking that it wasn't the dress, I was just fat.

IMG_3382 copy

These are the shorts that started the whole running thing. I'm so proud that they fit now! No rolls hanging over the waist band!! No having to look for flowy shirts to hide the muffin top!

IMG_3397 copy

Date night with Mattie and the boys. We just went to Avanti's so we didn't dress up. But I did wear my huge wedges with the skinny pants. I love that look!

IMG_3436 copy

This is today. We are just chillin at home. Wrink-l-y! But who cares. I'm sporting my new bag:) Here it is:

IMG_3448 copy

I'll post it in the shop later! I bought the pattern from Noodlehead. She's awesome!

Here's a pic I wished would've not been blurry.

IMG_3393 copy

Sloney Baloney, you make your mama's heart melt.

While all of this is fun and I love checking out what everyone wears, let's not forget this:




You look adorable in dresses! And I love that verse, too! :)


Cute pink dress!

Ask the Duplex


girl you’re looking great! and still lovin’ the dresses on you! and LOVE LOVE LOVE that verse!


Love the Biblical reminder at the end. I have to remind myself of that everytime I look at my muffin top : (
Great post, and as always, you look marvelous : )


That verse is beautiful, and such a good reminder (especially for a style blogger like me!). And dresses? They’re totally my favorite summer uniform. You look great!

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