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  • Aug, 18 , 11

I have always loved front porches. Who doesn't want to sit out there sippin coffee and watch the sun come up? or maybe sippin lemonade and watch the sun go down?

My favorite houses are almost always craftsman style houses...or arts and crafts stlye houses. The workmanship of them is awesome. And the front porches that go with them are usually awesome.

                                                                                        Source: via Rachelle on Pinterest

Actually, the best part about these houses are the doors and windows.

I really haven't had much say in where I mom and dad decided that when I was a kid. Matt has told me where we were going to live both times too. Well, it's not like he told just kind of worked out for us when we were engaged. His cousin had a house at the edge of a little town.

trivoli house

This must be when we first saw it? Because my in-laws gave me a little swing that fit perfectly on the right side there. I painted it red. I had a lot of potted flowers. It was my favorite place to be in that house and we sat there a lot, until our legs fell asleep because the very cute red swing had been hung a touch to high.

But we rented there, and Matt's goal was always to buy. He came home one day and said he'd found a house. It's the house we live in now. The front porch faces west and it's hot out there in the summer. The previous owners "updated" it, very poorly I might had. We havent done anything to it. But we did take our picture there last fall.

IMG_1158copy16x20 web

I love that picture.

But as for what I'd really want on a porch?

1. ceiling fan, please...
2. blue ceiling
3. a swing
4. ferns
5. some couches and chairs

                                                          Source: via Emily on Pinterest
                                                                    Source: via Ginny on Pinterest

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Aug 18 ,2011

Love your pics! And such a cute blog! Stopping by from Gussy! xo


Aug 18 ,2011

i’m laughing so hard right now … after we just had our front porch convo! love all the pics so beautiful!