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  • Aug, 12 , 11

Do you ever feel really passionate about something? Something that you know is vitally important but other people don't always get it? Or they talk it down like it's not that big of a deal?

I have something like that that lays on my heart all the time. It's my MOPS group.

I'm on the leadership team at the Christ Alive! Community Church group. I'm in charge of the creative activities...are you surprised?;) I also run our blog -which I'm going to be updating very soon!


The running joke in our group is that everyone new that comes either heard about our group from "Heather or the internet".  Isn't that how it goes when you love something so much? You talk about it. You invite people to come. You meet with those people more often.

I think the reason this group is so important to me is I didn't have very many friends my own age when I had Slone. I had my sisters, my mom, and a couple people at church. But no one who was really going through some of the same mothering stuff that I was. Then after I had Bo, I suffered from some post-partum. I was never diagnosed or anything, but let me tell ya, that 6-9 months after he was born was rough on me. I looked forward to going to MOPS, being able to drop the boys off in their moppets rooms, and not feel guilty about sitting with some other moms and talking about our lives.

For the most part our group is pretty drama free. We don't judge each other. Well, I don't feel judged anyway. And I'm in no position to judge anybody. I don't think any of us go to the same church, but we all meet at this church once a month. Some of us work, some don't. Some have 2 kids, some have 4.

I truly believe that a MOPS group or any moms groups is vital to a new mom. Or any mom for that matter. I also think it wouldn't hurt anyone to join a group with new and different people instead of your same old friends. Different points of view are good. Learn something new.

So here I am, inviting you again...if you live near Peoria, IL, I really encourage you to come to our little group. We'll like you, I promise! You can get all the details on the blog here. If you aren't from around here, look up and search for a group near you. You might be surprised at the things you will learn!



Aug 12 ,2011

I love my MOPS group! It is such a special time to be with other moms.


Aug 12 ,2011

interesting! i should look if there is one where i live (hawaii). thanks for sharing, sounds like a great group!

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