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Posted on August 10 2011

I havent ever done a wiww post before. What is wiww? It stands for what i wore Wednesday by the Pleated Poppy.

pleated poppy

So here we go...

IMG_3283 copy

I look real happy, don't I? The top is old navy and shorts are old navy. The shorts are actually yellow though. Keepin it real with the mess in the background.

IMG_3287 copy

Next day...I wore this dress at home all day. It's from Target. A little happier and still the mess.

This is what I worked on while I wore it:

IMG_3289 copy
IMG_3288 copy

Then I wore this before MY 4 MILE RUN! I finally did it!

IMG_3290 copy

I should have taken an after pic of that! not so pretty:) But look at my bicep in that pic;)


  • Heather: August 10, 2011

    Look at the bicep! & how cute are you?! I love your haircut. Super cute! I just chopped mine. Not as short as yours, but it’s short for me & I am loving it. Love the Old Navy tank with the frilly embellishment. Cute!

  • Annaliese: August 10, 2011

    I came over from the small blog meet, and will definately be back! Your blog, family and crafts are all so beautiful! and i love that you manage to keep it real, too.


  • Courtney and Heather: August 10, 2011

    So glad you joined in on WIWW! You are too cute! Love that dress and yay for keeping it real….love the mess in the back ground…reminds me of my house. ;)


  • Linda Z: August 10, 2011

    You are darling! Love your haircut!

  • Denissa: August 10, 2011

    Welcome to Wiww, I’m pretty new myself! And if I didn’t lock myself in the bathroom for my pics, the background would be the exact same! :)
    Cute dress!

  • Heather from August 10, 2011

    Girl I like you more.. the more I read… you are so so cute. Oh, and that throw on the chair in the background…I need to know the scoop on. Your bicep looks awesome too..:)

  • mickev: August 10, 2011

    I am super impressed with your 4 miles! You look REALLY happy before you took that pic, so you must have known you could do it! You always look cute. kev and I went to Old Navy yesterday and I picked out two outfits that I think you will buy this year…he thought I was a weirdo. Love ya, girl!

  • Conni: August 10, 2011

    Welcome to WIWW!!

    great outfits, and I love that you left the mess in the background, I have a sign in my house, “the house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it”

    WOOOHOOO for 4 miles, way to go!!

  • kinze: August 10, 2011

    so proud of you … and you look great in that dress!

  • August 10, 2011

    Love that you kept the mess in the background!! So real life.:) Glad to see you on WIWW!

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