moreygirl monday

  • Aug, 08 , 11

Just a little moreygirl update for your Monday (I almost didn't make it!) I finished another bag, stitched up 4 quilt blocks for my bee, and made the cutest felt flowers! We also had a fun weekend of dirtbikes and fourwheelers! And I picked a bunch of tomatoes:)

IMG_3198 copy

The bag is just a nice sized tote. I love it! I want to keep it but I have too many that I've kept. What would you think if I cleaned up the moreygirl bags I've used and sold them at discounted prices? Is that ok to do? I really want to know.

I also made a bunch of these little felt flowers.

IMG_3277 copy

I love these! They'd look cute on your winter jacket, or on your bag, or pinned to your sweater! Cute!

Here's one of the blocks I made for my quilt bee. I made two of these. They were pretty easy once I got going. I actually really love them. She picked out very similar print as I did in my quilt:)

IMG_3197 copy

I missed taking any pics of my cute dirt biker. He didn't stay still as long as my tomatoes did:)

IMG_3281 copy

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Aug 08 ,2011

I love the bag! I could come up with so many things to put in it…perfect for the beach, the library, for work! Those tomatoes look yummy too. I am the only one in my family who likes them, so we don’t have them often in our house.

Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl

Aug 08 ,2011

Hey Heather, girl! I’ve taken my daughter’s “gently worn” items that I’ve made for her and sold them on etsy…before I did it I had emailed etsy and they said it was fine as long as it was clearly stated they were “used” and they were still in great condition…I discount them and they usually fly out of the shop…;) Hope you have a great week!