family room

  • Sep, 22 , 11
This Inspiration Workshop on the Family Room is from Gussy.

Honestly, this family room is in no way my dream room. 

Oh, I'm comfortable in it, but it's so incredibly small cozy:)

living room

Save putting on an addition, there's not a lot I can do in here. I guess I could buy new furniture. But I'm thinking least til the boys are a little bit older. They still use these as trampolines. You can see their toy stash over on the right on the bench. Every night they have to pick up their toys at least out of this room. Once or twice a week, I make them take all the toys upstairs and we start fresh. 

The couch and chair we bought used from Matt's cousin. They are ok. Not my style. But we only watch tv on them. The window I bought at an antique store. It's got green chippy paint on it. I love it! A yarn wreath that I made hangs in front of it.

There's the Windish tatting that Audrey made us for a wedding gift that hangs above the couch. And the fleece houndstooth blanket that I made last winter. I try to keep things to a minimum in here. It looks way cluttered since there's not a lot of room. Also, anything in here is fair game for the boys to use as a toy prop.

The carpet is navy. I really love this carpet when it's freshly vacuumed but it easily shows every piece of lint. I wouldn't pick this color again. But at least my room isn't all brown:)

living room

Our house has some really cool woodwork though. I love the arch in here. And all of the baseboards are about 8 inches tall too.

Our tv sits on the left on the wooden dresser. The room is only 12x12. So there's not a lot of furniture moving going on in there. That's our front door and directly to the left of it is the door going into the office.

You can also see the tip of the nose of Matt's deer hanging on the wall. I hate it. But I'm used to it.

As far as the feel of this room? I like it. I wish it were bigger. But it's good for now.  We usually sit around the kitchen table to talk so we usually just watch tv in here. The boys play in here all the time. So it's usually a've seen the backgrounds of my wiww:)



Sep 22 ,2011

I love the woodwork and brightness of your room! We were going to move the other year and just fell in love with homes with character. Didn’t happen, so with a ranch we changed our style =) I love your old window on the wall – I bought one the other year and forgot about it til I saw yours. Beautiful!


Sep 22 ,2011

I LOVE the white, tan and arches. All you need is to switch out the couches for new fun, BRIGHT ones!