I thought I would show you what I wear when I stay at home all day.
I don't dress up and I will wear jeans at home but usually in the winter. Today is a nice day but I have a huge sinus headache.
IMG_3902 copy

Pretty simple. Sweatshirt and yoga pants. And my slip on tennies. They did have a strap on them but they are cut off now:)

I sewed yesterday jammin' to my Pandora app. It started playing "I hope you dance". Remember that song? LeeAnn Womack. I always think of Laura, my sister, when I hear it. At one point in the song, LeeAnn says "don't let some helpin' heart leave you bitter." I will never forget Laura turning to me and saying "What'd she say?! Some hellbent whore?!"

Oh, good times when we used to live together:)

I can't sing along without singing about some whore.

IMG_3909 copy

I love my hair but it is in drastic need of a color. 

Anyway, this is what I wear when I do this:

It's in the shop this morning! Along with a large zippie and mini zippie.
Oh and the shop is fresh and new this morning too! 
As it turns out, I'm going to phase out the etsy shop. I should be able to control my items better here.

I am also starting a newsletter the moreygirl scoop
It's just going to be monthly and it will have coupon codes, if there are any shows that I'm at,
and new announcements!

linking up with Lindsey today:)



I love your hair. I am usually wearing something comfy during the day, but I’ve been trying to peel myself out of my yoga pants. Great bag…you have serious talent, girl!

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