MoreyGirl Monday

  • Sep, 12 , 11
Hi Everyone! Did you have a good weekend? We had our local fall festival this weekend. There were rides and games and lots of fun activities. We rode a couple of the rides...namely, the Hustler.

The boys hated the Hustler. I'm not really one to laugh at my kids when they're scared but Bo was hilarious. I can't wait to take them to Six Flags sometime.
The pic up there is from the much more pleasant Scrambler:)

I also want to introduce you to Liz! Her blog is called Behind the Scenes.  She's a teacher, a believer, and a thirty-one consultant. And she is doing a giveaway on her blog this week. And I'm a part of it!

Go over and check it out now!

Behind the Scenes

I've also got two more bags going up in the shop shortly!

I had asked this question before...and everyone said to go for it;) but these two bags are Previously Loved Bags. I carried them both. They've been cleaned and washed and are ready to be carried again! I will say they wash up beautifully. I washed them in cold water and laid them out to dry. You can do that with just about any MoreyGirl bag too!

IMG_3630 copy