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  • Sep, 08 , 11
Gussy's link today is on books. Books. I can't remember a time that Dad didn't have a book in his hands. For that matter, my grandparents always read too. Usually, it was the Bible. I think that is pretty amazing. I wonder what my kids will say about what I read when they grow up.

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When I was in high school, I read a lot. I mean I always had a book. I read The Scarlett Pimpernel over and over. There was a copy of it at the Galesburg library that was little and red and blue. Someone had written in the margins. I really loved that little book.

I also read a lot of Bodie Thoene. She wrote/writes historical fiction. The Zion Covenant was a series that I loved. It's a great tale of German Jews in 1939. There is a lot of things in them about the war, and how people must have felt, that really get you thinking about what life must have been like in Europe during that time.  I think I might have to reread these now!

Bodie also wrote some books called The AD Chronicles. They are historical fiction too. They are based on Bible times. The story line that stuck with me there is Rachel whose boys were killed at the time when Harod ordered all the baby boys to be murdered because the New King had been born. That was a point of view that I had never even thought about. It made those Bible stories really real to me. That there were people back then that had feelings and thoughts. 

Lately, some of my favorite books have been Blue Like Jazz. It's by Donald Miller. He wrote another book called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It's about his realizations while he edited Blue Like Jazz. He talks a lot about building a better story for ourselves. Not settling for the life that we are leading. That we are actually writing the book of our lives...would anyone want to read it when we are done? 
Awesome book.

“If you aren’t telling a good story, nobody thinks you died too soon; they just think you died.” 
~Donald Miller



Sep 08 ,2011

I read A Million Miles in a Thousand years earlier this year and loved it! I also read the Zion Covenant books in high school!


Sep 08 ,2011

This post made me so happy. Books are so amazing. I had no IDEA you liked historical fiction. I LOVE it! Always learning something new about you, Hez, and it always makes me love you more!! : )