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another first day

Posted on September 02 2011

Finally, the day that I thought would never happen has come. My little baby Bo grew up on me. It's just preschool but he does seem so little. Actually, I'm not as sad as I was when Slone left for preschool. I think I was more nervous. But Bo will have his big brother there so it's not quite as bad.

IMG_3656 copy

I feel a little guilty though. I'm actually happy to have a break. I get every afternoon off! Bo is the most opinionated and determined child I know. And he's not always the easiest child to raise.

IMG_3667 copy

I mean, just look at that face! t.r.o.u.b.l.e.

Really, though, there would be nothing without him. Bo is a fourth of this family and we wouldn't function without him.

He was embarrassed because I wanted to take his picture by the bus.

IMG_3668 copy

He's not quite the poser his brother is.

He was so excited about school. Even though he tried to act cool. I am so excited for school too. Even though my heart breaks a little that he's gone.

IMG_3662 copy

But three o'clock is coming fast!


  • Laurie J: September 03, 2011

    yay for a little time to yourself ;) love the Phineas/Ferb shirt…..everything you described about him sounds like my 3rd son. what a blessing but OH. MY. (where would we be w/out them?!)

  • mickev: September 02, 2011

    He is so handsome! I love that face when he is getting on the bus… <3
    Oh, and love the shoe shot…ha!

  • Kelly: September 02, 2011

    Oh my gosh what a Cutie! It’s so hard to see them grow up.

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