• Oct, 12 , 11
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Well, this day is getting away from me! I think I better get my wiww posted! Or I might be in trouble from a few of my regular readers;) 

I bought this dress at Target the other day. I didn't even make it to Target when they brought out all the Missoni stuff. And by the time I did get there, it was all gone. Anyway, I was digging through the clearance section and found this dress...inside out...with a sweater over it. I think someone was trying to hide it. But it was my size and I thought it was really cute. oh, and I broke out the leggings:)

IMG_4155 copy

I think everything I have on in this shot is target. lame. With the exception of my necklace and bracelet. My mom gave them to me for Christmas last year. I did pick them out though. I love that black and white necklace, and I wore it all the time. Until one night at a pizza joint my niece Maggie asked me why I would wear a necklace with a skull on it! I didn't even understand what she was talking about! 

IMG_4149 copy
See him with his little rhinestone eyes? 
IMG_4150 copy

I wasnt' really happy about that. But whatever. I don't think it's really that noticeable when I'm wearing it. And nobody has asked me about it when I have worn it. So I'm going to keep wearing it! Here's my shoes. Those zipper flowers are clips from Target too. 

IMG_4151 copy

I have to help with Slone's halloween party this year at school. I'm thinking this and my orange sweater with my skull necklace:) That's about as into halloween as I get!

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Heather @ we.are.the.holdens

Oct 12 ,2011

I love your outfit… and the shoes, with the clip.mmm, I’m biting my lip…so cute.


Oct 12 ,2011

Sooooo cute on you!!!