{fall} inspiration workshop

  • Oct, 06 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com
Fall is here. It's really here. Summer rushed off. I miss it already. Oh, it's not that I don't enjoy fall. It's just summer is wonderful. I'm already missing the pool, the sunkissed skin, the pedicures, flipflops, and the beach.

But the last week of this fall weather has been wonderful. The sun has been shining. It's warm. It's comfortable. Life is good. The bounty is being harvested. The boys are in school. The husband is busy.
Yeah, life is good.

It's good when you get to burn candles like these.

fall white pumpkins

And get mini white pumpkins from Aunt Joy. Thanks, Aunt Joy! The boys ask daily if we can eat them.

fall foliage

This is the few from my north windows. I'm thankful for the view. I'm thankful fall brings Thanksgiving. I'm not thankful for the other fall holiday. Yeah, I'm bah humbug about halloween. But I do enjoy the season. It's just second best in my book:)



Oct 06 ,2011

i wish that was my view. i love fall!


Oct 06 ,2011

I’m a Thanksgiving girl myself too ;)