Spoon River Drive 2011

We had lot of fun this last weekend! Moreygirl was all set up in "the Shed". Everything looked great!

Charity came over from Iowa and sat with me! She's been busy making the most awesome baby slippers and ruffle booties you have ever seen! 
I mean, just look at them!
IMG_4030 copy

I sorta wish I were having another baby, just so I could have them.

Did I mention that they are knitted out of organic yarn and packaged up, ready to give?!

IMG_4032 copy

IMG_4033 copy

These are going in the shop asap! I just got to take some pics of them and load them in there.

moreygirl also had some repeat customers!  Check out this bag from last year!

IMG_4014 copy

And as it's been for the last three years...another "moreygirl" has come to visit me! She's the sweetest lady and her last name is Morey:) She visits the drive every year and brings her grown up granddaughters. One of them just had the sweetest little baby girl. It's so nice to visit with them every year!

Here's part of my booth:
IMG_4017 copy

My little antique baby bassinet with cart...that I love! It holds the baby blankets and a couple of pillows. I also have my ruffle scarves again, but they are almost gone! Don't mind the wildlife photos...they are the next booth over. Don't ask;)

IMG_4019 copy

IMG_4022 copy

There is still some great stuff! So come out and see us next weekend! We are at the Shed on Rt 116 both Saturday and Sunday 8am - 5pm!



oh my word!! so much cuteness!
your booth is dreamy, looks like it was a fun show!! xo


Will you be selling these after the drive? I have the most perfect person to fit these lovely booties, but am unable to go on the drive. Please let me know! Thanks!


I love it! I can’t wait to be able to do a fair a sell my stuff. I like those handbags!!!!! Good job!


you rock … and your booth looks amazing girl!


love your booth! looks so great! i love those booties :)


Looks awesome. Hope you have the best year yet! : )


everything looks great… those little booties are to die for. kinda makes me wish i was preggo ;)


Oh! I love all of it! I wish I could go. Good luck!

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