diy inspiration workshop

  • Sep, 29 , 11
This week inspiration is from Gussy again.
She's asked us to name our favorite diy inspirations that we love.

One of the best websites, in my opinion is ana white. Her site used to be called knock off wood. She has tons of plans for woodworking. From shelves to furniture. I had my dad help me build a cubby bench for my back porch for the boys, and I was sure I could do a project on my own...

This is a repost of my own post in June 2010.
This is one of the projects that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. I am in love with this secretary's desk. I need a little desk of my own to keep all my "girl junk" off of the trucking desk.

I got the plans off of Knock-off Wood. If you haven't checked out this girl's site, you should. You'll be addicted. 

Knock-Off Wood

It's really nice since I can fold up the door and my mess is hidden inside. I was a little chicken to build the drawers like the plans called for though. (well, actually I was too tired. MDF is heavy!) But I found these awesome file folder boxes at the Container Store. They fit perfectly on the bottom shelf.

I don't know if you can tell it or not in the pic, but i painted it a deep purple. I am in love with that color right now. I found some awesome jewelry at Pier One today in the same color:)

Here's a shot of it open...

secretary open

There's my favorite coffee mug on the coaster Slone made me for mother's day. My new little sew kit from Border's that I scored for $7! It has like twenty Amy Butler patterns in it plus some fabric! And my ipod and my calendar.

And some of the books that I've been reading.


Matt says that I need to quit building furniture. My house is too small. But I am addicted! I'm trying to figure out what to build next;)

I haven't built any furniture since then. But I am going to build myself a new dining table one of these days. I've also got big plans for a craft studio too! Oh, but I have to be patient on that stuff.

Really, though, if you aren't scared to try something new, building that furniture was really rewarding! You should try it!



Sep 29 ,2011

i am super impressed… i wish i could make furniture! im on the hunt for some on the cheap, myself!

just found your blog on wiww- love it. especially your polka dot design… my fave! i am now following and looking forward to reading more! :)


Sep 29 ,2011

Great deal! Love it!!!