Baking and Pinterest

  • Nov, 03 , 11
This post is in response to Kinze's post yesterday:)

I regularly spend time on Pinterest and pin and pin and don't get up and do!
But yesterday I got it in me that I was going to make this bread:

                                                                                          Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Let me tell ya, bread has never worked for me. I've tried probably a half a dozen times and it's always been way to hard or dense or it's not raised (or risen?).

But yesterday it did! And it was wonderful! This girl's instructions were very easy to follow and gave tips along the way on what to look for. I couldn't believe it when the bread was actually rising:)

The boys loved it and so did I! It's going to be so yummy with soup and chicken and noodles!

IMG_4505 copy

I'm not really sure why there's that break in that loaf though. It was only there for that cut? Whatever/ it still tastes awesome!

So there you have it! Some pins are worth the try. I've also made the cheesy garlic strips that are in my foodies folder. They are pretty good too. I used a different dough recipe for those. I just googled a no-rise pizza crust and found one that worked. I also posted about these that I found on pinterest too!

                                                                                 Source: via Heather on Pinterest

So what have you made? Share your pins!



Nov 03 ,2011

okay this is hilarious … but if you really just take the time to pull up all the recipe’s you’ve pinned it really does make cooking a baking a lot more enjoyable … and mine turned out alright … just wish i would’ve added butter :) and those bars look soooo yummy :)


Nov 03 ,2011

YES! I loove making recipes from pinterest. It’s so addicting and amazing. Like new life to the kitchen.

I’ve been in China for almost two weeks and I can’t wait to get home and make some more new yummies for Hubs.