I'm running out of inspiration on this, people! I am not as confident as I seem! And I have realized I don't generally break out of the box on my outfits either.


So here we go! Outfit number 1. 

I have not actually worn this outfit out in public. I'm not sure about the whole skinny belt on me. I feel like I have pregnant boobs again. The whole look is maternity. And I'm not going to the gym to get the new mama glow!

IMG_4492 copy

Maybe a wider belt? I don't know. I'm just not feeling it. I don't really have much of a difference between my hips and my waist.

Do you like my necklace? I made it. I found the huge wooden balls at Joanns and just strung them up. 

Number 2

IMG_4496 copy

This sweater is so comfy, I could live in it. I probably will this winter. It was wide, almost bell sleeves on it. I feel like my mom when I wear it. Not in a bad way. In a "I'm gonna be like my mom when I grow up way".  I'll dress it up a little with some jewelry. And when it's really cold I'll wear a long sleeve shirt underneath it.

Number 3
IMG_4500 copy

why yes, I'm a photographer...why do you ask?
focus much?

But you get such a good view of my messy couch and left over mug:)
But this is something I'll wear out for a MOPS meeting or something fun like that. It's just a tank and a cardi from Old Navy.

Whew. I'll try harder this next week. I wore a couple of cute outfits this week but I forgot to take pics!

What'd you wear this week?

linkin up: the pleated poppy



I LOVE the belt. I love that whole outfit, and your hair looks so good. Seriously, keep the belt. : )

Love that last outfit, too. And maybe you couldn’t hold your camera up because of all your hard work at the gym? Love ya!


Cute outfits! Love the sweater =) Color blocking is big right now I guess too! (We’re a little behind in W.Mich ;)


love the last outfit, cute, and suits you


Stopping by from WIWW ~ your commentary had me laughing out loud.
I love the second sweater. Not mom-like at all.


laughing at the skinny belt conversation.
you look great-always. i NEVER wear belts, they scare me;)


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