post-game halloween

  • Nov, 01 , 11
So halloween was more of a success than I thought! I had to be one of the room moms in Slone's class this time. I signed up for it, he asked me to. Otherwise, I would've picked the Christmas party but whatever.  So I had to head to school at two. They have a parade in the school and walk up and down the hallway and get to show off their costumes to the high schoolers.

The star trooper and Bumble Bee are mine:)

IMG_4461 copy

Then they came back to the room where we did crafts (I was in charge of that) and games and had a pizza party! Here's the little craft I found at Hobby Lobby. It's just a coloring puzzle and little felt vampires, witches, ghosts, and bats.

IMG_4458 copy

I packed them up in the stripy bags and wrote Boo! on the stickers. If they didn't get them all colored at school, they got to take them home.

IMG_4463 copy

This was our best star trooper pose. So of course this is our best transformer pose...

IMG_4464 copy

Then we headed over to Uncle Chick's and Aunt Chelle's for trick or treating since we live in the country! Thanks for inviting us Michelle! We got to hang out with Cinderella and Woody.
IMG_4467 copy

Forget the glass slippers, this Cinderella rocked her leopard print shoes!
IMG_4474 copy

I'd say my boys had a great time. They really got the hang of it this year. It was a fun day! 

IMG_4473 copy



Nov 01 ,2011

I love it~ and the boys, and you. That picture with all 4 of them cracks me up, real life captured in a photo!
Love ya!


Nov 01 ,2011

I can’t wait to watch my little one run to the door while trick-or-treating. So cute and so much fun!!!

- Sarah