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  • wiww

    Posted on April 25 2012

    Well, I am back with another blog about what I wore:) As you can see, I got hair hair ...
  • wiww

    Posted on February 15 2012

    It seems like a long time since I have written a wiww post! Sorry I've been a little mi...
  • wiww

    Posted on January 26 2012

    I like stripes. What can I say? I think I wear them weekly. I'd buy a striped shirt bef...
  • wiww

    Posted on January 11 2012

    My mom got me two scarves for Christmas. A red one and a mustard color one. I had asked...
  • my first vlog

    Posted on December 14 2011

    and it's for wiww. A couple of disclaimers: 1. The bloggers I know aren't boring, it'...