am I the only one?

I had troubles with this block! It's for my flickr group (remember? click here)

IMG_2041 copy

It looked like such an easy block! And really it was. It's just I obviously don't know the seam allowance settings on my sewing machine. Because when I finished this block the first time...oh yes, I said the first ended up an inch and a half too short!

IMG_2040 copy

See all those seams? I had to rip them all out. argh! I was not happy. But I did it and finished it again.

I'm actually pleased with how it came out this time! Hope you like it Skye! Oh, and I did not trim it up for risk of screwing it up again! I'll leave that to you!

IMG_2042 copy
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All you need is....

close up of mine

So I joined another flickr group! The Scrappy Hoop Swap! I love flickr! It's one of my favorite site to look at. There are tons of groups that you can join, photography, crafts, quilts, and I'm sure there are ones I don't even know about. I found out about this one because of Heather. She's an awesome blogger as well as quilter. I love checking out her blog.

So this is the hoop I did. My partner wanted "cutesy, japanese, bright, vintage, geometric" - her words exactly. Well, I had no idea what to do until I came across this satin fabric that I got from my Grandma Morey after she passed away. I have no idea why she had this fabric. She was so proper and surely didn't talk about kissing:)

my scrappy hoop

kissing couple

back of mine

So the deal is: you get a partner. You know them (what they like, what they don't), but they don't know you. It's a secret swap. You get about 4-6 weeks (depends on who is putting the swap on) to make your hoop (or quilt block or whatever). Mail it out and wait for your partner to send you one!

Here's the one I got!

i had a great partner

Funny how they have the same fabrics, isn't it?! You can obviously tell what I like:) Hope you have a great Wednesday!

scrappy hoop swap
the note I sent my partner:)
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Sew Fun 2 September Block

Well, this is the first time I have ever tried a block this detailed. Love the end result.

september block

Was not so crazy about putting it all together. It was a pretty tedious block. I'm pretty sure I would never make it through a quilt of these. So, that being said, it's a terrific block for bees! Let everyone else do the work on them!

Really though, it's quite cool. Lauree picked out some awesome colors! Can't wait to see her end result.

september block detail
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