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moreygirl » Little Bit of That

  • You've got to be kidding me!

    Posted on March 29 2009

    This is what we woke up to today! It's going to be 50 all week though, so it will be go...
  • Weekend Fun

    Posted on March 23 2009

    We played, we shopped, we ate, we didn't sleep. We had a great time with Cousin Jack an...
  • 25 Things about me:) part 4

    Posted on February 23 2009

    21. I love tomatoes. When I was pregnant with Bo, all I wanted was a ripe homegrown tom...
  • Did you ever have this kind of moment?

    Posted on September 15 2008

    I was mad the other day because I couldn't find my sunglasses. They weren't anywhere. I...
  • Like father, like son?

    Posted on September 09 2008

    Yes, we have a deer head hanging in our living room. No, I don't like it but after 7 ye...