25 Things about me:) part 4

  • Feb, 23 , 09
  • windish01@yahoo.com

21. I love tomatoes. When I was pregnant with Bo, all I wanted was a ripe homegrown tomato. But it was December when I finally got that craving. 

22. Target and Old Navy are my favorite stores. I like the cheap funky stuff.  Although it's not so cheap when you buys cartfuls at a time:)

23. I wish my sisters were my neighbors. Pretty sure I know what Matt would think about that, but he works during the day, so his vote doesn't count.

24. When I turned 16, my parents let me drive their car to school. All my friends had these cute little cars, while I drove the longest, bluest Cadillac you have ever seen. I don't even remember what year it was, probably early 90s. I was totally embarrassed by it, but everyone else seemed to think it was cool.

25. Matt and I have not bought one single piece of new furniture since we've been married. Our mattresses and the boys mattresses are new but that's it. Everything else was either given to us or it's second hand. I kinda like it. Nothing really matches. 

So there you have it. I'm glad that's over. I don't think I could have done that in one sitting. I could barely squeak out those last five....could you tell? :)

Here's a flashback of Baby Bo. He was about 9 months old here. Love this of him. That mouth is just like his dad's.



Feb 23 ,2009

My first car was a boat of a pontiac—and the color was gold!!! Who makes gold cars? And who makes their teen daughter drive one?? (Parents who love her!) God bless!


Feb 23 ,2009

hi.. i’ve been browsing your site and I like it! I was reading your 25 things and I was smiling at some of the things you wrote cause they’re so candid and honest"

I got here through entrecards. I’m putting your site on my faves and i’m sure coming back soon! :)