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  • 10 years and a choice

    Posted on September 08 2011

    Ten years! Can you believe it? Matt and I made it. Today is our 10 year anniversary.  ...
  • wiww

    Posted on September 07 2011

    This week I wasn't quite as dedicated in taking my picture. But I would like to show yo...
  • wiww

    Posted on August 31 2011

    This week isn't too exciting. I'm sorry to say that none of these pictures are really t...
  • wiww

    Posted on August 24 2011

    The more I do these the more I realize I'm not quite as fashion forward as I thought I ...
  • first day, first grade

    Posted on August 19 2011

    How did this happen? When did first grade get here? He wasn't super excited about schoo...