• Feb, 15 , 12
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It seems like a long time since I have written a wiww post! Sorry I've been a little mia around here. Just busy doing some special orders and taking pics...Jala and Cara...your pics will be up soon!

Anyway, this is what I wore today to lunch with Emma. Emma is a very very dear friend. She, besides my sisters, probably knows the most about me. We grew up together, started kindergarten together and graduated together. We are those friends that never really have to catch up, we just pick up where we left off.

Sweater is from the loft. I really like it except it is really "woolly" smelling. Strong. But I'm scared to wash it and mess up the sweater by shrinking it. And my old navy jeans. I haven't lost any more weight lately though. Still holding strong at 157. I blame it on all the m&ms that I have been eating:(

The earrings I got here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MonarchJewelryPeoria?ref=ss_profile. Her name's Heather:) I bought a few things from her at a show and my mom bought me even more from her for Christmas:) I'll show you sometime.

We also had a 60th anniversary party for Matt's grandparents. Grandma asked us all to wear red, black or white. 
I didn't buy anything new for the day except my red scarf. I love red but just didn't have any red lately. I am trying really hard to not just keep buying clothes. So I found my black sweater, button up jean skirt and my flowered tights (you can't see em:(
***edited***just realized that Mom gave me a red scarf for Christmas! Aw, well, it doesn't have the purple pompoms on it, I guess***

Ready for the party

Here's a pic of all of us with Grandma and Grandpa.

IMG_6811 copy

I think someone told the Windishs that it's a sin to smile, my children included. Good grief! But seriously, could they get any cuter? 

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hannah singer

Feb 15 ,2012

heather, your family is so cute!
love your hair and excited to check out that jewelry shop.

love ya, hope you’re doing well xoxo