My weekend

  • Jun, 01 , 08

So the Washington Cherry Festival was pretty fun! Mom and my niece, Maggie, got to go with me. But, this is what it looked like on Friday...right at our scheduled set up time....

That was not so much fun, because a long line of storms came through, but I didn't know if we should stay or go home because they kept saying it was supposed to clear off. Actually, we did have a lot of laughs dragging our things in the tent, then back to the van, then twice more. We did end up going home though, and all of the festival activities were cancelled for the night.

We (me & Maggie) went back on Saturday. It was the most beautiful day. The sun was shining and a nice breeze was blowing. But since there was so much rain, it was still pretty muddy. We were saved by the baby wipes!

But here is how the tent looked, even though we did change it around a little bit later.

It was still, over all, a pretty good day....I am going to update the shop and add some new items now!



Jun 01 ,2008

What a cute booth! Everything looks so pretty-I love your “MoreyGirl” banner!