Things that made me happy yesterday...

  • Aug, 12 , 08

I'm trying to be more thankful for the little things...and yesterday was not a particularly good day. There was a lot of crying and a lot of whining, but I'm going to be thankful anyway.

I am thankful for Matt, that he didn't even throw a fit when we had to leave for vbs and he didn't get supper until after 8pm.

I am thankful for Slone, even though he can't quit saying "stupid"!

I am thankful for Bo, such a sweet boy, but a heck of a screamer.

I am thankful for tomatoes, and how wonderful that red one was this morning.

I am thankful for VBS and the great kids that were in my class last night. (no pic, sorry)

I am thankful for the olympics and that I get to watch Michael Phelps. Go USA! (seriously, I have a small crush)

I am thankful for Charity, and that we don't have to talk about anything important. Yesterday, we just talked about Michael Phelps:)

I know that you'll hate this pic Charity, but I think you're so cute in it:) love you!