She's gonna kill me:)

  • Aug, 28 , 08

This post is for my friend, Emma. We've known each other since kindergarten, we graduated high school together, and now we both have two kids.

Here we are at our high school graduation party. Don't worry, there's no alcohol in those drinks. We just thought we were really cool...back in 1999. Haha:)

sorry, that pic isn't great, but I had to scan it!
I'm not sure I have a digital picture of the two of us:)

We had a talk about the "good old days" -you know, the days you thought were the greatest, then you realize that they were not really that great- How fun it is to have a friend that you can laugh at yourself with, and thank goodness, she won't tell all your secrets either.

She says that she reads my blog....we'll see if she does. Enjoy your picture, Emma!
Thank you for being my friend.