Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Nov, 03 , 08

We have issues...issues with ladybugs. But wait! You are not supposed to call them ladybugs; they are Asian beetles.

Well, I'm done caring. They stink, they bite, they are always in my house. As much as I love these 70 degree, first days of November, I have to agree with Matt and say that I can't wait til it freezes. Then the stinky little beetles will die!
And there is not just one or two, they come in swarms, especially when the sun is shining in my front door.

Also, I'm not a fan of Halloween. But Slone is now:) Here's what he got trick-or-treating at Aunt Renee's.

Lovely, isn't it? Bo is scared to death of it:) So yeah, it was perfect for Halloween. That's as scary as we get:)


Darcy @ LWM3B

Nov 03 ,2008

We’ve got beetles, too. They are maddening. And I’ve got 11’ ceilings but only a 4’ extension on my vacuum.

And I had to gasp when I saw the fish! We got that for my fil for Xmas as a joke last year. I didn’t realize anyone else actually bought those things.

How funny.